Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

May 25, 2021

I recently read Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule, a blog post by Paul Graham. His website is not served over https at the time of this writing. (My ISP once injected a HTML/Javascript popup into a web page telling me I was nearing my monthly data usage quota. I was not amused.)

Anyways, it was a good read. Human’s aren’t great at multitasking, and that’s probably largely due to the overhead of context switching. I work on a maker’s schedule, where I have two large chunks of “opportunity” to write code, which could also be called “before lunch” and “after lunch.” I can relate to the article–one meeting in either block could disrupt my “making session” and multiple meetings either before or after launch may cause me to find something “lighter” to work on.

I don’t have a large write up or anything…Just wanted to share the article. I think it’s valuable to have terms to describe the different schedules so people can be aware of the different ways people work.