God of War Ragnarök

December 10, 2022

I recently completed the main questline of God of War Ragnarök. It’s the latest game in the God of War series, released in November 2022. I’m no game reviewer, but I haven’t had much else to talk about in the last couple of months. Storytelling wise, it’s in the top tier–best of the best along with the previous game in the series. The hack and slash combat system is fun and I still crave more even after 35 hours of play.

One of the interesting questions discussed by this game is the topic of destiny. In the game there are murals that foretell people’s fate, and the underlying question during the story is whether this can be changed. Along the same lines I sometimes wonder if real life is just a bunch of atoms and physics laws that could conceivably be precalculated if there was a theoretical device with infinite memory and calculation capability. How much of the mind is free will or is it just an illusion due to the complexity of all the chemical and physical interactions?

Anyways, I enjoyed the game and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys AAA games with a story.